Things to do in Tilarán

Things to do in Tilarán

A relaxed and special city to rest, where the residents are friendly and everyone knows who their neighbor is. An ideal place to relax Tilarán is a great place to stay while touring the Arenal area due to its excellent climate and how slowly life passes. The climate in Tilarán is very good, because this town is more than 500 meters above sea level, and the temperatures here are always cool and comfortable. With winds blowing through the city from November to April, Tilarán is a great area for world-class windsurfing on Lake Arenal.

Tilarán has incredible opportunities for bird watching, especially around Lake Arenal, as well as fishing or sailing like an avid fisherman. For adventurers who like to bike through the mountains or horseback tours these can also be taken. Nature excursions are the best way to explore the area, for example you can visit the largest tree in Costa Rica, which is over 500 years old, you can also see the ancient Indian rock sculpture in the hills around Tilarán.

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