Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal

Natural Appeal

Considered the largest lake in the country, Lake Arenal is located next to the famous Volcano of the same name. This body of water, although it was artificially created to serve as a reservoir from where the water necessary to move the generators of the Arenal Hydroelectric Project is transferred through tunnels, has been established over the years in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country .

Lake Arenal is a natural and idyllic setting, where some wooded areas and blue waters are complemented by the volcano and hills of the chain of mountains that surround the lake.

Driving around this reservoir in order to get to know Nuevo Arenal or continue to La Fortuna de San Carlos is to travel one of the most beautiful and relaxing routes in Costa Rica. Not only are you enjoying the unparalleled scenery, but the rapid and dramatic changes in the weather are experienced first-hand; starting with the characteristic windy and dry climate of Tronadora, passing through a transitional climate, until reaching the climate of the tropical rainforest in La Fortuna.

Without a doubt, Tilarán and its lake make up one of the most romantic and idyllic destinations in Costa Rica, making it a truly authentic, romantic, quiet place, and one of the favorite areas for those who want to enjoy places of great beauty.

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